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We welcome the UBC community and other groups to hold meetings and events in the CIRS building.

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  1. Available Rooms
  2. Rates and Fees
  3. Online Booking and Availability
  4. Location and Parking


1. Available Rooms

Policy Lab A and B

Policy Lab A and B are one room with a dividing wall. It is suitable for meetings, workshops, video conferencing, teleconferencing and film screenings.


BC Hydro Theatre

The design and equipment specifications for the BC Hydro Theatre were developed around three core principles: flexibility, infrastructure and current/ near-future uses. It is a large room that is easily configured into a variety of layouts, suitable for community engagement, interactive workshops, charrettes and large meetings.


Atrium & Second Floor Bridge

The Atrium can be used as a registration area at all times, or for a reception outside of regular building hours (7:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.). This is a public space, and users have non-exclusive access.

Room Capacity

These capacities are approximate only.

RoomSizeMax Occupancy
Atrium160 m2 (1717 sqft)180n/an/an/an/a
BC Hydro Theatre132 m2 (1421 sqft)10080504040
Policy Lab A and B64 m2 (694 sqft)8040302024
Policy Lab A or B32 m2 (347 sqft)4016n/an/a16
Second Floor Bridge63 m2 (678 sqft)80n/an/an/an/a

Furniture and Equipment

RoomEquipment Furniture
Policy Lab A and BPolycomm Video Conference Unit
large rolling whiteboad
*note no projector
10 Tables
32 Rolling Board
Room Chairs
BC Hydro TheatreMacbook Pro laptop
HD Projectors
20 iPads
1 wireless Lapel Mic
Sound System
4 HD Cameras
40 feet of whiteboard
11 Tables
80 Stacking Chairs
(6 additional tables in storage)
6 one-seater couches
1 two-seater couch
Second Floor Bridgen/a3 round tables
12 chairs
1 two-seater couch
3 one-seater couches

2. Rates and Fees

For CIRS Inhabitants, hourly or single day use of the Policy Lab is free of charge and multi-day events in will be charged an hourly fee. For other UBC and external groups, an hourly or daily fee is charged for the rental of the Policy Lab.

RoomCIRS InhabitantsUBC CommunityExternal Group
Policy Labs A or BFree for single day use
$15/hour for multiday use
$25 per hour
$125 for 8-hour day
$30 per hour
$150 for 8 hour day
Policy Labs A and BFree for single day use
$20/hour for multiday use
$40 per hour
$250 for 8-hour day
$50 per hour
$300 for 8-hour day
BC Hydro Theatre (basic)$400 for 4 hours
$700 for 8 hours
$400 for 4 hours
$700 for 8 hours
$500 for 4 hours
$900 for 8 hours

Atrium and Second Floor Bridge fees will be assessed according to the required space usage. Please contact for an estimate.

Depending on the event type and timing, additional fees may apply for all user groups.


BC Hydro Theatre Special Rates

Rental fees are assessed on a multi-tiered system to account for the differences between common usages and specialized events.

Basic rental of the BC Hydro Theatre includes rental of the space with projection capabilities in the standard configuration: laptop and podium at any position in the room, large scale and/or multi-source projections on the south and west walls, furniture (chairs and tables), and whiteboards. Additional technical support may be charged at an hourly rate.

Specialized usage of the BC Hydro Theatre may include events that require special reconfigurations, more extensive capabilities, a higher level of interconnectivity and/or more significant support and coordination. The total scope of work required for an event, and the associated fees, will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.


3. Online Booking and Availability

Please visit our online booking page to verify rooms availability and submit a tentative booking.


4. Location and Parking

Centre for Interactive Research on Sustainability
2260 West Mall, Room 2331
Vancouver, British Columbia V6T 1Z4
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