Building Tours


The Centre for Interactive Research on Sustainability (CIRS) is a hub for sustainability on UBC’s Vancouver campus. The CIRS building is an innovative place that includes sustainability features such as a waste heat recovery system that collects thermal energy from a neighbouring building, a solar hot water system, a geo-exchange system that harvests rejects heat from and to the ground, photovoltaic panels that convert sunlight into electricity, a rainwater purification system, a wastewater treatment system to treat and recycle all the liquid waste generated in the building and other buildings, living systems such as a green roof and a vegetated façade and much more. It demonstrates how a building can be regenerative by improving its environment and the community it serves.


Guided Tours

Guided tours of the CIRS building are free and can be customized for various groups, from high school students to sustainability practitioners and policy-makers from around the world. Each tour takes participants through the interior spaces of the building to reveal the stories behind its sustainable features and operating systems.


Self-Guided Tours

The self-guided tour focuses on sustainable features visible from the public areas on the first and second levels.


Virtual Tour

The virtual tour allows people from all over the world to experience the CIRS building and learn about it’s sustainable features.