Membership Program

By becoming members in the CIRS Network, individuals, groups and organizations directly contribute to our core mandate of accelerating the adoption of sustainable building and urban development policies and practices. Members have access to cutting edge research through innovative projects and initiatives, and are connected to talented and highly trained people, as well as a broad community of educators, investigators, practitioners, regulators and policymakers.

Through their association with an internationally recognized hub for sustainable building technology and urban sustainability at a major research university, CIRS members will:

  • Join a network of thought-leaders taking action to accelerate transformational change in the built environment;
  • Have access to expert knowledge, leading research practices and highly qualified individuals;
  • Connect with their peers in industry, government, NGOs and other academic institutions;
  • Attend engaging activities and events; and
  • Support innovative research and talented students.

The CIRS Network program provides benefits and recognition commensurate to the level of investment (see reverse for more details). Memberships are renewable on an annual basis.


Becoming a Member

Membership in the CIRS Network is open to individuals and organizations whose interests and goals are aligned with the CIRS vision and mission.